HI, I am Tammy

I am a free spirit that loves wild flowers, nature, pretty scents, raw stones and my beautiful children

When I set out to create a jewelry line it was with inspired excitement that I would be able to share a little piece of my world through the magic of Mirajo Jewelry

It's a LOVE of nature, joy, romance, flowers, femininity and beauty that inspires me to design beautiful jewelry

Since the start, I believed in the strength of women and the confidence and curiosity they show when they look and feel beautiful

Embracing soft hues, rich details, romantic floras, flattering forms, Boho style and whimsical textures my collections. are designed and assembled with in the USA.. As an independent business with limited quantities and artisan details I work hard to offer lower prices on handmade jewelry

I believe my jewelry can make a women feel vibrant and beautiful. It has forever been my dream to bring beauty of what I create to inspiring women everywhere