Owner & Designer

Tammy developed an appreciation for fashion at an early age with a deep fascination for creating her own look. What started out as a hobby to fulfill her interests in art and design, soon emerged into a full-time business. Since it's inception, Tammy has been passionate about creating a multidimensional brand that evolves to the needs of her customers. The Mirajo collection combines a subtle mix of semi-precious stones, Austrian crystals, hand picked components and rich metals. Tammy has been the creative force behind her brand since day one. Immersing herself in every step of the brands creative and strategic decision making process.

The Mirajo collection is designed and crafted in the USA. You can purchased the jewelry directly through the website or through high end retailers.

Beautiful SKIN FRIENDLY Jewelry

Tammy knows we already have a toxic assault on us every day through our food, air, water, make-up and jewelry. Mirajo uses toxic-free materials! There is no hazardous chemicals like; lead, cadmium, chromium and nickel which are toxic and cause allergic reactions.